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CATIA is the world’s leading solution when it comes to the design proposition of 3D products. It enables the top players of global industries to develop and produce products which then become a common items of our everyday lives. There is a solution for a vast range of different industries, each one taking into consideration the industry’s specific needs. This leads to speeding up the development and innovation processes.

CATIA represents a unique opportunity to not only create a model of any given product but to do so while keeping in mind the context of the expected behavior of the future product. Designers, constructors, technologists and everybody else involved are therefore able to better imagine and define the product


Autodesk® PowerShape® is an excellent 3D CAD software used to prepare models which are to be produced in the CAM systems. Its primary purpose is not to be the main CAD used in construction because it features unique tools which are suitable for technology. PowerShape features a Para solid core, together with functions like Solid Doctor which are able to automatically correct mistakes or let the user know there are mistakes which need to be fixed.

There is a number of construction solutions that offer great solids but their desktop areas are too rigid and often unusable. PowerShape, on the other hand, offers not only quality solids but also top-class desktop areas. The latter are often used in technology when it’s necessary to adjust or correct the models, seal the holes, etc.


Autodesk® PowerMill® is the highest ranked CAM software used for programming of CNC milling centers, including the possibility of ascended turning trails on centers featuring turning cycles. PowerMill differs from other CAM systems thanks to its speed, effective work when using less quality 3D data and the ability to edit trails and connectors, crossings and rams. No matter how large the CAD data, PowerMill handles work with excessively big models.

PowerMill is unique due to its 5-axis programming which gives the user a full control over the trails and enables detailed settings. 5-axis strategy enables the slightest, automatic redirection of the tool in case of a potential collision. The programmer thus doesn’t need to look for the proper angle of redirection. PowerMill is able to verify all the trails without the need of 3D simulation which would be, in case of large data, time-intensive. This makes the verification of the whole project a top-quality matter.


Autodesk® PowerInspect® is a professional 3D software used for control and measurement. The software works with manual tools such as measuring arms, optical devices, manual as well as CNC CMM devices and it programs inspection sequences for measuring big segments of a milling machine.

Being able to work effectively with 3D CAD data of different formats can save a lot of time which is normally needed for measurement preparation. Besides the 3D CAD model based measurement, it is possible to also program geometric elements. As a result, PowerInspect produces clearly arranged graphic measuring protocols.


Rhinoceros is a program which utilizes NURBS geometry and is being used for 3D modelling and conceptual design.

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